Bi-mong (Dream) (2008)

Jin wakes up from a nightmare of a traffic accident. It drives him to the very spot and witnesses an accident, which replicates his dream. He follows the police to the suspect’s home and watches as Ran denies the hit-and-run accusation since she was asleep the entire night. Jin explains his dream to them and asks to be charged instead. He is convinced that there’s an unexplainable connection between the two. They discover that when he dreams, she acts out his dream in her sleep.




Arumdabda (Beautiful) (2008) - Juhn Jaihong
Writer: KIM KI-DUK

A miserable girl because of her irresistible beauty.. Is her beauty the Blessing? Or the Curse? There is a girl, Eun-young, who is not happy for her breathtaking beauty. She gets lonely and exhausted from the stares from men and jealousies from women. One day, she gets raped by one of her stalkers, Sung-min and hears the terrible words from him. “I did it just because you are so beautiful.” She believes that she was raped because of her cruel beauty and starts to kill her beautiful looks. And there is one guy who runs after her…





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Soom(Breath) (2007)

Jang Jin, who's on death row, tries to commit suicide by stabbing himself in the neck with a sharpened toothbrush handle. The news is seen on TV by Yeon, a sculptress who seems to walk around in a permanently catatonic state.
Yeon, who lives in an immaculate, soulless apartment on the edge of Seoul, has a perky young daughter she adores and a boring husband to whom she never speaks. On impulse, she takes a cab to the prison one night, waits outside until dawn and then asks to see Jang, claiming to be his ex-girlfreind She's let in only when the prison's CCTV operator (an unseen, almost divine presence) overrules the main gate's guard.
Their meeting is entirely taken up by Yeon's confessional about how, at age 9, she technically died for five minutes when she held her breath underwater on a dare. She tenderly tells him not to harm himself any more, and leaves.

It's the first of several scenes in which Yeon pretty much has to carry the picture in the face of Jang's total silence (perhaps explained by his throat injury, though more practically by the fact that Taiwanese thesp Chang speaks no Korean). In contrast, at home, Yeon's husband carries all the dialogue and she remains mute.
In the most off-the-wall development, Yeon "themes" her subsequent visits by season, bringing wallpaper and other accoutrements to decorate the visiting room and entertaining Jang with a seasonal song each time. As each visit ends in closer physical contact -- like a year's relationship compressed in time -- Yeon's husband becomes suspicious.

Shi gan (Time) (2006)

Seh-hee and Ji-woo have dated for two years; jealousy consumes her. She worries he will tire of her face. Then, she disappears. Telling no one, she goes to a plastic surgeon for a new face. Ji-woo has no idea where she is, although when he does respond to other women, someone unseen intervenes. Then, he meets See-hee, and although he tells her he misses Seh-hee, this new relationship blossoms into love. They talk at the same coffee house, visit the same sculpture park, and pose for the same photographs he did with Seh-hee. We know they are the same woman. Has this new face and renewed love made her happy? And what will Ji-woo do when he learns the truth? Is losing face losing self?

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Hwal ( The Bow )(2005)

On a fishing boat at sea, a 60-year old man has been raising a girl since she was a baby. It is agreed that they will get married on her 17th birthday, and she is 16 now. They live a quiet and secluded life, renting the boat to day fishermen and practicing strange divination rites. Their life changes when a teenage student comes aboard...


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